Dave Dolkas
Dave Dolkas



People by and large become what they think about themselves.
— William James, philosopher and psychologist

Overview. I help lawyers (clients) optimize their practice of law through a multi-step, disciplined approach. You probably already know this: But being a smart, well-mannered, and competent lawyer doesn’t cut it anymore if you want to thrive in the uber-competitive legal-services industry. Lawyers with those qualities are a dime a dozen in law firms. They’re euphemistically referred to as “service partners,” a label that doesn’t connote job security. To thrive in today’s legal services industry, you must be all of those things, but also top of class in your given area, along with possessing strong brand recognition.

My approach and my role. My approach is to drastically change your thinking—from thinking about yourself as a lawyer inside the mothership firm to a self-employed entrepreneur operating within the structure of the law firmCo. You are—to borrow a term from Tom Peters—Me, Inc., a standalone corporation of one delivering stellar legal services to your clients—both inside and outside the law firm.

I’m the client’s coach. I’m keenly interested in how Me, Inc. (the client’s standalone company) progresses and proceeds. My role is to ensure the client develops and/or improves upon: new skills, new modes of improvement, and brand recognition. All dealings are strictly confidential.

The Steps. I meet with the client either in person (schedules and travel permitting) or by phone on six occasions during a twelve-month period. Each session involves some advanced reading (not too much), self-assessment, and follow-through by the client. (There are check-ins between each session to ensure continued progress.) In the sessions, we’ll discuss the progress against set goals and develop action items to be completed by the next session and before the end of the
term. The six steps are:

  • Step One: Self-assessment and planning
  • Step Two: Growing and enhancing your competitive skills
  • Step Three: Identifying and building your network
  • Step Four: Identifying and pursuing breakout opportunities
  • Step Five: Promoting your best-in-class brand
  • Step Six: Managing Me, Inc. and assessing and revising your plan

Term and Cost. The term is one-year and I charge a one-time, non-refundable fee.